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We are building the foundations for a collaborative, safe and human internet.


All you need to start or improve your presence online.


We provide you the best option to host your project, starting from domain name to complex cloud networks. We carefully select our suppliers that are compatible with our mission, and we ensure a fair price for your project


Keep your presence online is very important, we keep it updated and optimized to ensure your project follows the web standards in design and security.

Marketing Online

Keeping your audience updated now is more important than ever, if you demand, we can take care of your email campaigns, social networks and general communications, providing you with additional tools and advising you on the proper use of them.


We target specific schemas to establish a mutual collaboration environment.

Music - Literature - Theater
Science - Languages - Culture - History
Water - Enviroment - Trees - Animals
Cultivation - Distribution - Sovereignty
Prevention - Research - Treatment - Cure
Gorvernment - Cities - Coexistence


Our goal is not to sell, we love our work and we accompany you personally in the following steps ...

  • 1. Contact Us

    Tell us about your idea

    If your project fits in at least one of our schemas, we will be happy to hear from you, feel free to contact us, and give us a clear brief of your idea or project, describing your needs and aspirations.

  • 2. Personalized Review

    Each request is important

    We are compromised to make a change, and we prime the social benefits over profit, in that order, we take the time to check your idea and look for a way to collaborate, even if we can't do it, we will provide you alternative solutions and recommendations with our partners..

  • 3. Negotiation

    If you like our proposal, let's get to work!

    After you have read and analyzed our proposal, we are ready to start, we will enter to define specific details, financing, management, deadlines and more...

  • 4. Spread the word

    Developing, Caring, Helping, Sharing

    Once we have started to work, any extra help is welcome, it's time to communicate and let to know to the world about your idea, there are many people who are willing to help, they just need to find you, we provide the tools to make it possible and teach you how to use it.

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Our Amazing Team

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Kay Garland

Lead Designer

Larry Parker

Lead Marketer

Diana Petersen

Lead Developer

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